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How To Make A Report

After contacting a CARE Team member office or liaison office, it is useful to share that you are concerned about someone and want to talk with a CARE Team member.  It is helpful, though not required, that you identify yourself when communicating your concern.  All information shared with a member of the CARE Team is kept as private as possible.  Below is a list of information that is helpful to have ready when communicating your concern.

Helpful Information When Making a Report

In order for the CARE Team to best meet the needs of the campus community, the Team needs the most accurate information possible. Those reporting situations or behaviors of concern may be asked to share relevant information, including:

  • Date/time of incident(s)
  • Name, age, relationship to university, and current location of person of concern and of victim/target
  • Description of behaviors of concern/acts committed
  • Names of witnesses
  • Location where incident occurred
  • Related documentation (email, text, Facebook, blogs or other electronic communications, saved voice mails, photos, videos, etc.)

Upon receipt of concerning information, Team members consult to ensure thorough assessment and follow up.